What is the best possible way to replace a missing tooth? Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a naturally-appearing smile and teeth that function as well as ever? With implants, you can do just that. Dental implants are the replacement method of choice for many of our patients who experience tooth loss.

Implant Basics

A dental implant is actually the post that substitutes for a natural tooth’s roots. The post is implanted into the natural socket where the tooth once was. An implant provides a stable base for a crown that is attached to it.

Anyone Can Lose a Tooth

Although dental care has improved in recent years, you might still need a tooth replacement for any of a variety of reasons. For example, if you lost a tooth in the past and have never replaced it, you can do so now. You might have a dental injury that knocks out a tooth or damages it beyond repair. Gum disease can also cause tooth loss. In all these cases, you can replace the tooth with an implant and crown as long as you are a candidate for implants.

Why Replace Teeth?

You might be tempted to ignore the gap left after losing a tooth, especially if it is in the back where no one notices it. However, it is crucial to your oral health to replace teeth as you lose them. Replacement helps you avoid bone loss. It also keeps other teeth from drifting into the gap. Besides, having an intact set of teeth allows you to eat and speak normally, which may not be possible otherwise.

Advantages of Implants

An implant is a great choice for people who want replacement teeth that are attractive and function just like normal teeth. Implants:

  • Look, feel and function like real teeth.
  • Are permanent, so you never have the embarrassment of taking them out.
  • Are durable and can last for many years.
  • Are convenient.
  • Require only normal, good daily oral hygiene and regular dental checkups.
  • Are easy to floss between.
  • Help you maintain excellent oral health.

The Procedure

The first part of the implant procedure is placing the small post in your upper or lower jaw where you are missing the tooth. When the post is set in place, we simply attach a crown to it. The tooth becomes a permanent part of a beautiful, healthy smile.

Are You a Candidate for Implants?

Nearly anyone can get implants. There are a few points to consider with our dentist, though. The basic guidelines for getting dental implants include:

  • Healthy gums
  • Enough bone to hold the implant
  • Strong commitment to good oral hygien

In addition, our dentist will need to evaluate your case carefully if you:

  • Are a heavy smoker.
  • Have uncontrolled diabetes.
  • Have uncontrolled heart disease.
  • Have had radiation therapy in areas of your head and neck.


We are happy to provide a examinations and consultations for patients considering implants. We thoroughly evaluate the condition of your mouth and your unique situation. We can recommend implants or other restoration methods according to your health and your personal goals. As soon as you make the decision, we can proceed with treatment. You’ll soon have a beautiful, intact smile to show the world!

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